Visual Representation of Sponsorship Activation

Three examples of sponsorship activation for Gillette through the Chicago White Sox.


Sponsorship Activation Ideas

Outfield Advertisement gillette-man-tent fireworksfriday

These are examples of sponsorship activations for Gillette through the Chicago White Sox.


Examining Two Thrusts of Sports Marketing

Examining the difference between marketing of sports and marketing through sports.


Thrusts of Sports Marketing

Thrusts of Sports Marketing

These are examples of marketing through sports and marketing of sports.

The image of a coupon card book that is passed out to fans that enter U.S. Cellular Field for Chicago White Sox games, is an example of marketing through sports.

These companies aren’t marketing a sports related item, but marketing their products through sports as a part of the company’s marketing mix.

The website for the 2013 Chicago Home Team Charity run is an example of marketing of sports.

The marketing campaign for this event is very informative and seems like a successful way to market this event.


Personal Brand Logo

Ryan Wozniak Sports Marketing

This is the personal brand logo I have designed. I would like to work in the sports marketing field, specifically involved in football, after graduating from Full Sail University.


Content Creation & Presentation on Marketing Options

This Keynote presentation shows how traditional and new media platforms can be used to market a sporting event, specifically a 5K race.

New Media Platforms

New Media - Website


I chose this photograph of a Drew Brees jersey to represent an example of an image that could be used on a website, specifically an online shop. This image is relevant to sports business since it is advertising product that is available throughout this platform. This image, along with other product images like hats, shirts, and other novelty items will show actual products being sold on the website. This shows customers that they are purchasing they item they see, and will be more likely to purchase more product in the future, creating more revenue.

New Media - Facebook


I chose to take a photograph of a compilation of promotional items that the Chicago White Sox have given away over the last two seasons. This image could easily be used over the Facebook platform in promoting different giveaways associated with various home games. While placed on the fan page for the team, it shows the items that fans can receive for attending a promotional game. Some of the most popular promotions for the White Sox include the Halfway to St. Patrick’s game and Bobblehead Night. These promotions will entice more people to buy tickets to the home games. More ticket sales equals more revenue, and Facebook is a great way to spread the news about promotional giveaways.

New Media - Twitter


I took a photograph of a pair of 2012 ALDS tickets to represent an image that could be used with Twitter. Twitter giveaways are one of the ways that sports teams and businesses are rewarding those fans that follow on Twitter. A certain organization can promote these giveaways by tweeting out to fans to use a certain hashtag and possibly including a photo in reply. This will definitely draw more people to the content presented. For example, the White Sox tweet “To win a pair of ALDS tickets reply with #ALDSSoxTix and a photo why you should win”. Fans who follow the White Sox tweet replies, but also followers of those fans will also see the giveaway. That could lead to more followers, which might be from opposing teams who want tickets also.